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Celebrity Leverage: Insider Secrets to Getting Celebrity Endorsements, Instant Credibility & Star-Powered Publicity

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Celebrity Leverage: Insider Secrets to Getting Celebrity Endorsements, Instant Credibility & Star-Powered Publicity

By Jordan McAuley, Founder, Contact Any Celebrity
Foreword by Dan S. Kennedy

Includes a FREE 30-Day Membership to ContactAnyCelebrity.com ($39.00 Value!)


"This incredible book shows you how to 'hitch your wagon to a star' in your upward climb."
- Brian Tracy, President, Brian Tracy International

"Great book!"
- James Malinchak, ABC's 'Secret Millionaire' & Big Money Speaking

"Now, this is a great book. It gives insider secrets to getting celebrity endorsements. It really is a great book."
- Andrew Lock, 'Help! My Business Sucks' Show

"Here's your easiest, smartest, most cost-effective way to explode sales and set new records!"
- Joe Vitale, Author of The Attractor Factor & contributor to The Secret

"You have in your hands a very important resource. It could lead to doubling or multiplying your income by a number of different means when you `celebrity-ize' your business."

- Dan Kennedy, President, Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle

"This book ROCKS! I've long been aware of the power of marketing with celebrities, but had no idea how many easy ways there are to not only contact them, but use them to make yourself a lot more money! I'm going to buy copies for all my clients."
- Ali Brown, President, Ali International

"Why have a typical boring business? When instead armed with a few insider secrets, you can add the excitement and "wow" factor of a celebrity to skyrocket your business. Where do you find these insider secrets? Inside the pages of Celebrity Leverage. Our society has become so celebrity-centric and the media is giving more and more coverage to anything celebrity related. Jordan has put together a terrific book."
- Yanik Silver, Founder, Maverick Business Adventures

"I was blown away at the many valuable tips in Celebrity Leverage that will dramatically enhance any marketing program, give you instant credibility, and drive sales. I strongly recommend this book - it should be a college course."
- Joseph Sugarman, Chairman, BluBlocker Corporation

"I tell my readers that the best way to improve marketing response rates is with endorsements. And the best way to use celebrity endorsements to improve your marketing results is by reading Jordan McAuley's excellent new book, Celebrity Leverage."
- Bob Bly, Author of The Adweek Copywriting Handbook

"I've made myself millions of dollars leveraging and linking myself, my company and my clients to famous people. Not only is it smart marketing - it's fun! Once you read Jordan McAuley's book, you'll have a step-by-step process for yourself. I call this ELF Marketing. That's easy, lucrative and fun!"
- Joe Polish, President, Piranha Marketing, Inc.

"I strongly suggest you read this book when you need to get endorsements for your books or products. In case you're running a charity auction, you can even use this book to get autographed items for your fundraisers. Lots more uses too."
- Dan Janal, Founder & President, PR LEADS

"The idea of a celebrity leverage book is a good and valuable one. Jordan certainly has the credentials."
- Michael Levine, President of Levine Communications

"With celebrity news and gossip hotter than ever, many authors, speakers, consultants, experts - even businesses and nonprofits - are leaving money on the table if they aren't tying their product, service, cause or issue to the celebs. Celebrity Leverage will show you how with clever, creative and helpful tips for getting through the gatekeepers."
- Joan Stewart, President, The Publicity Hound

"Seeing to leverage strategic methods to build your brand to greatness with consumers/ Look no further than Jordan McAuley's celebrity expertise, where you'll learn how celebrity association can lead you to riches."
- Robb Hecht, Vice President of Digital Strategy, Ketchum Public Relations

"Hitching your marketing message to a celebrity will skyrocket your power to influence many times over. Jordan McAuley's shows you exactly how to use big-name star power in your business. Getting celebrity endorsements is easier than you think."
- Susan Berkley, President, The Great Voice Company

"Celebrities = Attention. Trying to separate yourself and your business from the clutter is the hardest part of marketing. With celebrities, that hard work is done for you. My use of celebrities has made everything I do a lot easier. This book is the authoritative guide for experts and a great introduction to those new to using celebrities."
- Robert Skrob, President, Information Marketing Association

"Jordan McAuley is the man when it comes to contacting celebrities. He knows exactly how to reach the seemingly unreachable and now, with this book, he has outlined a simple and clear plan for you to do the same. Celebrity Leverage is the definitive guide to harnessing the power of celebrities to build incredible buzz about your products and services."
- Donna Cutting, Author of The Celebrity Experience

"Jordan's unique insight and information can do for your business what it has done for countless autograph enthusiasts' collections. Namely, increase its value, worth and "fun factor." A must-have for anyone serious about competing in today's celebrity-driven markets."
- Anthony D. Record, Contributing Editor, Autograph Magazine

"Jordan McAuley is the undisputed master on how to use celebrities to sell your stuff. Grab a copy of Celebrity Leverage and catapult your products (or yourself) into the spotlight!"
- Tsufit, Author of Step Into the Spotlight!

"Celebrity Leverage is an invaluable book on locating and securing celebrity endorsements to help market your product or service. When I obtained over 50 prestigious endorsements for my first book, the instant credibility quickly lead to key media including the Today Show, CNN, a PBS documentary, Woman's Day, Prevention and an AARP Bulletin cover story. I also host a radio program, write a syndicated column and two blogs, and am a sought-after international speaker, delivering 150 keynotes including one to the Florida House of Representatives. Believe me - celebrity endorsements are priceless!"
- Jacqueline Marcell, Author of Elder Rage

"As an agency specializing in word of mouth marketing, we are always looking for ways to get the media and consumers talking. Prior to reading Jordan's work, we viewed celebrity association as a hit or miss prospect at best. Jordan's book has encouraged us to make use of celebrities in our clients' marketing plans and cut through the noise of conventional marketing."
- Bill Balderaze, President, Webbed Marketing

"Get the rich and famous to make you rich and famous! This is an invaluable resource."
- Jess Todtfeld, President, Media Training Worldwide

"When you use Jordan's resources for celebrity endorsements for your product or book, you can become the star!"
- Jess Kennedy Williams, Author of Heartbreak-free Dating

"It's a given that, once you are allied or positioned with a person who has greater influence, you are automatically perceived as having more influence, too. Do you want more influence? More connections? Product placement? Media coverage? Jordan McAuley has made it easy for you to get all of that, and a whole lot more, when you use the ideas, tools, and resources in his book Celebrity Leverage. I invite you to get it right now so you, too, can discover how to connect with, obtain and use celebrity power."
- Angela Treat Lyon, Author of Change Your Mind! with EFT

"Want to utilize the appeal of celebrities to make your business or products stand out? You don't need to spend millions like Nike or Pepsi. Just read Jordan McAuley's Celebrity Leverage. You'll find out the secrets any small business owner can use to benefit from 'celebrity power' for as little as the cost of postage. Buy this book now and follow Jordan's easy to implement advice. Then site back and watch your sales skyrocket."
- Mahesh Grossman, Author of Write a Book Without Lifting a Finger

"Jordan McAuley is dedicated to providing in-depth details about the priceless opportunities celebrity association creates. He offers a wealth of information including a comprehensive database of celebrity contact, celebrity gift bag opportunities, success stories, expert interviews and step-by-step guides on how to use these resources to grow your business."
- Rebecca Lightsey, President of Gifted Presence Gift Bags

"Using celebrities and celebrity tie-ins are a couple of the absolute best ways to get free publicity, especially on the radio. Jordan's book tells you exactly how to capitalize on celebrities. It's an indispensable tool. I highly recommend it."
- Alex Carroll, Author of The Radio Publicity Manual

"No matter what business you're in, you need celebrity endorsements and Jordan McAuley is a master at getting them! Double your business, double your credibility and double your fun with Jordan's fabulous book Celebrity Leverage."
- Sandy Grason, Author of Journalution

"It's obvious. We live in a celebrity-obsessed society. That can be turned into a HUGE jackpot for you. But, if you don't understand how it can benefit you, or how to use it to your advantage, you'll quickly be left in the dust. Celebrity Leverage will give you the jump, the lead, the advantage you need - and MUST have - in order to thrive."
- Paul Hartunian, Author of 101 Sizzling Hot Ways to Get Publicity

ISBN: 978-1604870060
Binding: Soft Cover Perfect Bound  Pages: 264  Size: 6x9"  Weight: 12 oz.

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